My Research and Agreement/Application Place (MyRAP)

MyRAP is a new university-wide online system developed to provide PIs and their administrative Partners real-time access to the status of their research agreements and contracts as they are being reviewed, negotiated and processed by the Offices of Research Administration (ORA). Launched in Fall 2011, the system is used by School of Medicine, Bloomberg School of Public Health, Zanvyl Krieger School of Arts and Sciences, School of Nursing, and Research Projects Administration on behalf of the Whiting School of Engineering and others.

MyRAP works in tandem with COEUS. A "MyRAP record" is created for each agreement or contract to track activity, pending issues, and communications for the various negotiations and reviews processed by ORA staff every day. By logging into MyRAP and viewing one simple web page, all of this detailed tracking information is easily available to PIs and their Partners in real time. The system is built on the same Huron CLICK web platform that we using in an integrated fashion to support Institutional Review Boards, Conflict of Interest systems, and soon Institutional Animal Care and Use, Institutional Biosafety Registrations and Institutional Stem Cell Research.

MyRAP is available to the following types of users across the university: ORA staff (including grant associates, directors, specialists, etc.), PIs, and their research administrative partners (including department contacts, administrators, analysts, assistants, etc.)

For questions about MyRAP please contact your ORA office.