MyRAP What's New

The JHU MyRAP system is updated regularly. Updates to the system may include bug fixes, improvements, new functionality and features, etc. The following is a list of changes that have been implemented for MyRAP to date.

March 5, 2011
  1. Allow for divisional level access to MyRAP records.
  2. Update PI hyperlink on CDT open to profile view
  3. Fix permission problem so that users with the "super report access" role can view all queries on the report tab.
  4. Give Super Users ability to assign Read All Access
  5. Show Request Info activity in Processing Award State
  6. Show 'Request Info' in the 'Final Received: Collecting Signatures' state
December 5, 2011
  1. Change 'Complex Grant' Record type to an Agreement type
  2. Update Activity should show in history log for ORA staff
  3. TNT Reminders (TNT Sender needs them in their tab)
  4. Create a "Read-All Access" Role
  5. Ability to add contacts to a user's profile/Account
  6. Add COEUS PD to MyRAP Summary workspace and All MyRAP Records search
  7. Separate "closed/complete" records from "in process" records on the My Team Member Records tab
  8. Allow staff to edit SmartForm for records in "complete" state
  9. Create My Completed/Closed Records Tab on ORA Staff workspace
  10. New tab on Help Desk Page to post approved templates
  11. Snapshot the initial creator of MyRAP record and keep static in new property
  12. Displaying ORA Contact "School" on the Help Desk
  13. Ability to export 'Time in State' data to excel spreadsheet
  14. Add two new workflow record types
  15. Update "response required" to read "action required" on the TNT SmartForm and Summary view
  16. On all TNT notifications show all recipients who received the notification at bottom of the template